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Obstetri - urinopsamling og navleklippere

U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector

Category: Obstetrics

The U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector is the first choice in convenience, protection and care for an infant’s tender skin.


  • Transparent butterfl y patch makes application and removal easy and accurate
  • Compatible and comfortable for male and female anatomy
  • Double chambered construction with no-fl ow back valve keeps urine away from skin to help prevent irritation and potential contamination
  • Adhesive patch can be folded in half to send sealed specimen to laboratory
  • Premature size ideal for NICU and low birth weight infants

Product code

7531 – U bag – Sterile Cloth Adhesive Paediatric Size

7535 – U bag – Sterile Cloth Adhesive New Born Size

Double-Grip® Cord Clamp and Cord Clamp® Clipper

Category: Obstetrics

Since 1964, the Double-Grip Umbilical Cord Clamp has given over 100 million babies a healthy, safe start in life! The precision-engineered cord clamp is laser vision inspected to meet our quality criteria 100%. The specially designed Cord-Clamp Clipper safely cuts through the Cord-Clamp hinge for easy removal from baby.


Safe, Disposable, easy to apply

  • Dual gripping surface prevents slipping during application
  • Maintains tight seal and applies constant pressure on any cord as it shrinks
  • Hinge guard confi nes cord between serrated jaws to eliminate movement
  • No rough edges to snag clothing or get caught on bed linen
  • Cord-Clamp Clipper’s cutting surface is concealed to eliminate risk of sharp or pointed object near baby

Product code

9411 – Umbilical Cord Clamp Non Sterile

9423- Umbilical Cord Clamp Sterile

9441 – Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper

Plastibell® Circumcision Device

Category: Obstetrics

A circumcision procedure requiring no special post-operative care or dressing means a significant saving in terms of time and money. The disposable Plastibell® Circumcision Device eliminates the need for repetitive and costly sterilisation required of stainless steel clamps.


  • One piece device plus ligature, clear plastic construction provides visual access at all times
  • Produces a clean line of excision helping to promote rapid healing
  • No post-operative care or special dressing required
  • Sterile, individually packaged in six sizes and assortment pack

Product code

9210 – Plastibell Hospital Assortment Pack

9230 – Plastibell Physician Assortment Pack

9231 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.1cm

9232 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.2cm

9233 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.3cm

9234 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.4cm

9235 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.5cm

9237 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.7cm

Amnihook® Amniotic Membrane Perforator

Category: Obstetrics

We are proud to offer the highest quality obstetric products from Briggs Healthcare. Synonymous with standard care and designed to simplify and improve working practice in the healthcare facility the Briggs obstetric range is the leading brand for quality products manufactured and inspected with rigorous laser vision inspection technology.

Our Amniotic membrane perforator provides physicians with a safe, comfortable method to rupture the amniotic membrane the first time, virtually every time.


  • 100% laser-vision inspected.
  • Rounded tip and protected point designed to rupture the amniotic membrane without injury to mother or foetus.
  • 10” (26.5cm) long, with non-glare moulded plastic and sides ensure a non-slip grip and precise control.
  • Disposable, pre-sterilised and individually packaged for convenience.

Product code – 9601

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