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​Dynamic II

Vare nr. 11–1210

  • Suitable for hospital and home-care use
  • Designed for short-term suction
  • Continuous vacuum adjustment
  • Intensity of vacuum indicated on gauge
  • Antibacterial filter is connected with suction circuit
  • 230V power supply
  • Modern suction unit with versatile use
  • Suction output 20L/min
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Three model versions: Dynamic II with 0,5l, 1l or 2l polycarbonate Jar

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Dynamic II m/batteri

Vare nr. 11–1215

  • Modern suction unit with versatile use
  • Suction output 20L/min
  • Universal battery charger 100 - 210 V AC/50-60Hz
  • Battery operation time up to 3,5hours/ -75kPa
  • Min. 4 hours charging after LOW BAT indicators is on
  • Two model versions: Dynamic II with 0,5l or 1l

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Vare nr. Economi

Product line Victoria

Makes less noise than your PC

  • Maintenance-free aggregate
  • Reliable and vibration- free run
  • Casing is made of very sturdy, unbreakable, fire retardant material with UV protection
  • Pump Body is made of Aluminum alloy
  • Pump is cooled by extra fan
  • Each pump is thoroughly tested
  • Designed for Continuous run
  • Colour coded gauge for safe vacuum management
  • Overflow protection
  • Safety vacuum regulator
  • Illuminated on/off switch - meets EU norm EN ISO 10079-1
  • Grip for comfortable handling
  • The stainless eurorail ensures maximum flexibility - you can attach up to four jars of any size and/or any other accessories needed (limiting water valve, suction circuit holder)
  • Change-over switch - shift the vacuum from one bottle to the other with a single move
  • Integrated catheter container or storage basket
  • Air-operated footswitch
  • Non-marking casters with safety brakes
  • Antistatic casters - optional
  • Designed for right and left hand operation

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