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Rapid Clamp Ø18 mm CL1010

Rapid Clamp Ø20 mm CL1110

Rapid Multi Clamp CL1310

Easy Clamp Ø18 mm CL2010

Easy Clamp Ø20mm CL2020

Premium Easy Clamp Ø18mm, rotation CL2110

Rotation Rod Clamp Ø20mm CL3010

Rotation Rod Clamp Ø20mm, double tightening CL3110

Clamp for orthopaedic traction device CL4010


Armboard std AB1010

Armboard std, short AB1020

Armboard std, long rod AB1030

Armboard std, short, long rod AB1040

Armboard std with clamp AB1110

Armboard std with clamp, short AB1120

Armboard std with clamp, long rod AB1130

Armboard std with clamp,short,long rod AB1140

Armboard Carbon Fiber AB1150

Armboard AB2010

Armboard,short AB2020

Armboard,long rod AB2030

Armboard,short,long rod AB2040

Armboard with clamp AB2110

Armboard with clamp,short AB2120

Armboard with clamp,long rod AB2130

Armboard with clamp,short,long rod AB2140

Armboard,rotation clamp AB2210

Armboard,rotation clamp,short AB2220

Armboard,rotation clamp,long rod AB2230

Armboard,rotation clamp,short,long rod AB2240

Supports & Straps
Lateral support, fixed​ SS1010

Lateral support, adjustable narrow SS1020

Lateral support, adjustable wide SS1030

Multi lateral support, narrow SS1040

Multi lateral support, wide SS1050

Multi lateral support, circular SS1060

Support for shoulder module SS1070

Supporting roll, vertical SS2010

Tibia support SS2030

Knee support SS2040

Perineal post with cushion SS2050

Foot support, pair SS3010

Knee arthroscopy holder SS3020

Leg Support with integral cushion, pair SS3030

Gas spring assisted stirrups, pair SS3040

Lateral arm support multi adjustable SS4010

Shoulder support, pair SS4040

Premium cushion for armboard, VEF AB3010

Premium cushion for armboard, VEF short AB3020

Cushion for armboard, moulded AB3110

Arm and Hand Table AB5010

Arm and Hand Table, carbon fibre AB5050

Arm and Hand Table, shaped AB5100

Supporting leg AB5101

Mattress for arm and hand table AB6010

Mattress for arm and hand table, shaped AB6020

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